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What is Ashkenazi Jewish?

Ashkenazi Jews are an ethnic group comprised of Jews who went to Europe after the expulsion. Ashkenaz was the word for Germany in the Middle Ages, but it generally applies to ( Full Answer )
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Difference between Ashkenazi and Non-Ashkenazi?

Ashkenazim are Jews of Central and Eastern Europe who speak Yiddish (Judeo-German with Hebrew, Aramaic, and Slavic influences) and follow the Jewish religion (a monotheistic r ( Full Answer )
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Who are the Ashkenazi Indians?

Colorado tribe Answer: The question is incorrectly put. Rather, it's a group of Indianswho have a genetic mutation usually associated with Ashkenazi Jews.
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Who are Ashkenazi Jews?

Ashkenazi Jews are Jews from Eastern Europe (such as Poland, Russia, etc.). They have a different culture (different food, pronunciation of Hebrew, language, etc.) than Jews f ( Full Answer )
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Where did the Ashkenazi people originate from?

The Askenazim are the Jews who descend from the Jews in medieval Germany who migrated into central and eventually eastern Europe. The Yiddish word for Germany was Askenaz. Th ( Full Answer )
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What does ashkenazi mean?

Ashkenazim refers to the Jewish communities from North, Central andEastern Europe who traditionally spoke Yiddish.
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Why did the ashkenazi and sephardic split?

There was never a formal or conscious split. The two groups are simply Jews who settled in different lands. The Ashkenazim were in France, Germany, Austria, and Russia and Eas ( Full Answer )
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What are the origins of the Ashkenazi Jews?

The origins of the Ashkenazi Jews are indigenous Israelite tribes of Canaan in the Middle East. It is also thought that the Ashkenazi Jews likely began settling along the Rhi ( Full Answer )
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What are the beliefs of Ashkenazi Jews?

Ashkenazi Jews are one of the two main groups of Jews, the other being Sephardi Jews. Ashkenazi Jews differ from Sephardi Jews in that they do not eat legumes, grains, and ric ( Full Answer )
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When was Alexej Ashkenazy born?

Alexej Ashkenazy was born on April 5, 1981, in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR, USSR [now Ukraine].