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Do Asian women prefer not to date African-American men?

To be completely and utterly honest, it's all depending on the individuals personal beliefs. I've seen my share of Asian and black couples. If what you're referring to is why (MORE)

Why are American men intrigued by Asian women?

generally Asian women are much more attractive and respectful than American women of course not including Asian Americans.. asians have softer hair, and softer skin with a hea (MORE)

Does Americans hate Asians?

In a nut shell? The answer is "No." I do feel however there are some that resent Asians for thinking they are stealing American jobs and getting free tax breaks for first time (MORE)

Why are Asian Americans the perfect minority?

Asian Americans' are seen as "the perfect minority" because: -they have high levels of education -they earn, on average more than whites -they have a higher life expectancy th (MORE)

How did world war 2 affect women African Americans and Asian Americans?

World War 2 effected woman in many ways varying on location such as:-Women got to work outside the house for the first time. Many women worked in factories to help out in the (MORE)

Is Native American Asian?

No. Even though they originated from the Europe/Asia continent, they are considered Aboriginals of North America, not Asians like many Asian immigrants are that have come over (MORE)