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Does Americans hate Asians?

In a nut shell? The answer is "No." I do feel however there are some that resent Asians for thinking they are stealing American jobs and getting free tax breaks for first time (MORE)

Why are Asian Americans the perfect minority?

Asian Americans' are seen as "the perfect minority" because: -they have high levels of education -they earn, on average more than whites -they have a higher life expectancy th (MORE)

What is the average IQ for Asian Americans?

The average IQ score for Asian Americans is, 105-110. For children in grades bigger than 8th, probably about 107. Personally I'm Asian, when I was in 7th grade back than, I ha (MORE)

Is Native American Asian?

No. Even though they originated from the Europe/Asia continent, they are considered Aboriginals of North America, not Asians like many Asian immigrants are that have come over (MORE)
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Why do asians score higher than Americans?

Standardized tests are sometimes biased but when comparing country scores we need to take into account that USA tries to educate every child and does not have ability tracking (MORE)
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Do Asian guys like American girls?

Yes. I'm a white American woman, and have dated several Asian guys.  I've known black women who have dated Asian guys. There are always  those who like people different from (MORE)

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