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In drama what is aside?

An aside is a short line delivered to the audience during a scene. By convention, the other characters onstage cannot hear or react to this statement as the character is reve (MORE)

What is an aside?

An aside is when a character speaks to the audience mid conversation and expresses their thoughts, The other characters don't hear it. A soliloquy is when a character recites (MORE)

What rhymes with aside?

1 syllable words: . bide . bride . cried . died . dried . dyed . eyed . fried . glide . guide . hide . i'd . lied . pride . ride . side . sighed . slide . s (MORE)
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What does as an aside mean?

In drama, the stage direction "aside" means lines are delivered to the audience, breaking the "fourth wall". it also means that the character is speaking ONLY to the audien (MORE)
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What is an example of aside?

like when romeo was under juliets balcony for the first time and he was speaking to himself as Juliet was pronouncing her love for him meanwhile she did not know romeo was the (MORE)

What is a parenthetical aside?

When there is a break in a sentence where there is an aside statement in a set of parentheses. For example: "One day, I was walking down the street in the rain (which I don't (MORE)

What is an aside in drama?

An aside is a dramatic device in which a character speaks to the audience. By convention the audience is to realize that the character's speech is unheard by the other charact (MORE)