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What does aside mean in drama terms?

In drama the term aside refers to lines that are delivered to the audience that other characters on stage are not aware of. For example, in the play Macbeth the title characte (MORE)

What is the difference between aside and beside?

Besides indicates something additional to what has already been stated. Besides often suggests that the addition is in the nature of an afterthought: The bill cannot be paid a (MORE)

What is the difference between a soliloquy and an aside?

  a soliloquy is when the character makes a somewhat lengthy speech, talking to himself/herself. an aside is when the character is trying to address and talk to the audi (MORE)

What is a parenthetical aside?

When there is a break in a sentence where there is an aside statement in a set of parentheses. For example: "One day, I was walking down the street in the rain (which I don't (MORE)

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Yes. Some plants will grow in water. Some plants will grow in gel. Some plants will grow in a soil-less medium such as vermiculite and peat moss. Some plants just need air.
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In drama what does aside mean?

an "aside" in acting and theatre is when characters are acting out a scene and another character says something in the scene, it is usually about something going on in the sce (MORE)

What is an example of aside in Romeo and Juliet?

In theater, an aside is a set of lines spoken by a character that  are not intended to be heard by any of the other characters on  stage, just the audience. Romeo makes seve (MORE)