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In drama what is aside?

Anaside is a short line delivered to the audience during a scene. By convention, the other characters onstage cannot hear or react to this statement as the character is reveal (MORE)

What is an aside?

An aside is when a character speaks to the audience mid conversation and expresses their thoughts, The other characters don't hear it. A soliloquy is when a character recites (MORE)
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What does as an aside mean?

In drama, the stage direction "aside" means lines are delivered to the audience, breaking the "fourth wall". it also means that the character is speaking ONLY to the audience (MORE)
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Is aside a preposition?

no it is not. Try using a sentence to check it out like: Aside him lay two towels. Does that make sense? No, so it is not.

What are the asides in Othello?

Iago says most of the asides, which are sections of dialogue in which the character speaking is addressing the audience, himself, or no one in particular. These serve several (MORE)

What is a synonym for aside?

barring, beside, besides, except, excluding, in addition to apart from, aside from , bar, but for, discounting, excepting, excluding, other than, outside of, save for, short o (MORE)