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What is a step aside scramble in golf?

  Step-Aside Scramble   Normal four-man scramble rules apply except the following:   The player whose ball is selected by the group for playing the next shot is fo (MORE)

What does aside mean in the literary term?

An aside is when a character says something out loud in the attempt of conveying his or her thoughts to the audience, with the supposition that other characters can not hear i (MORE)

What is a parenthetical aside?

When there is a break in a sentence where there is an aside statement in a set of parentheses. For example: "One day, I was walking down the street in the rain (which I don't (MORE)

What is an aside?

An aside is when a character speaks to the audience mid conversation and expresses their thoughts, The other characters don't hear it. A soliloquy is when a character recites (MORE)

What is an example of an aside in Romeo and Juliet?

Aside: an actor's speech, directed to the audience that is not supposed to be heard by other actors on stage. Juliet: Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I'll no (MORE)

How does aside help an audience?

It gives the audience insight to the motives of the character speaking, in a manner that suggests that while the audience is getting that information, the other characters ons (MORE)