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How can you be an assassin?

An assassin is not the same as a soldier. A soldier respects life and fights to protect others. An assassin has no regard for a persons life and kills for money. I am sorry I ( Full Answer )
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Where did he get assassinated?

No one can answer this question because you did not tell us in your question who "he" is.
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Why did they get assassinated?

Lincoln because he didnt believe in war and the others i have no clue?Sorry but to find that out you have to search it somewhere else and this is from a fifth grader!
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How do you be a assassinates?

Do you mean assassin? well you just have to kill someone one while being hidden I guess I don't know research. RIP Kennedy, Abraham and many more.
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How do you assassinated?

Assassination is term when you are an assassin and you murder someone sorta like a hit man.
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What is assassinate?

Well, you can assassinate someone, or you can be an assassin wh assassinates, but there's no such thing as assassinate (noun). Assassinating is killing someone (usually import ( Full Answer )
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What did assassins do?

This can be answered by reading the maxim of the assassin's creed - "We work in the dark to serve the light." The assassins did what was necessary to stop the nefarious Knight ( Full Answer )
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Who is the assassin in assassins creed 3?

Connor (part native american part white) and his father (you play as the father in the first 3 sequences then Connor)