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Is assault a felony?

Any "assault" committed while armed with a weapon can be considered a felony offense on the face of it. However a "simple" assault (committed by a physical touching (i.e.: h (MORE)
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What is the cheapest assault rifle?

  Simply on the basis of volume available, it would have to be the AK-47. It is not a piece of junk however, it is a capable weapon that has a strong following, and has pr (MORE)

What can a minor be charged for assault?

it all depends , as a matter of fact im am currently tryin to research and find out , i think if you are a minor and you dont have a criminal history then yhu might go on prob (MORE)

What is assault and battery in nursing care?

Assault : a threat or attempt to cause harm For example: Telling a patient, "If you don't eat your breakfast, I'll make you stay in the chair all day." Battery: purposeful (MORE)

What does the term amphibious assault refer to?

    In military terminology, an "amphibious assault" refers  specifically to the movement of troops from a water-borne transport  onto land. Historically, this has (MORE)

What is the difference between aggravated assault and felonious assault?

Aggravated assault is typically a more violent assault, usually  committed with a deadly weapon. Felonious assault is an assault  that is punished as a felony in any given j (MORE)

What is assault and battery?

'Assault' (sometimes called "simple assault" is an assault by unwanted touching using your hands or fists. 'Assault and Battery' means an unwanted touching using your hands us (MORE)

When you assault someone you must hit him or her?

Not necessarily, it may depend on WHAT type of assault you are referring to. You can commit an "assault" by utilizing or displaying a weapon that puts the victim in fear of th (MORE)