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What is assault?

The definition of assault is placing a person in apprehension (aware) of imminent (soon), offensive, unprivileged, unlawful, and offensive touching. A threat with present capa (MORE)

What is assault 2?

The definition of criminal offenses varies from state to state, so you would have to look at the criminal statutes for the state in question.
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What is assault and battery?

'Assault' (sometimes called "simple assault" is an assault by unwanted touching using your hands or fists. 'Assault and Battery' means an unwanted touching using your hands us (MORE)

How do you paintball in assault?

I am guessing you ment? How to assault, in a paintball game. being woodsball. there are many different ways to do this. for example, when say assulting an bunker or castle. us (MORE)

Is slapping assault?

Assault definitions vary from state to state but in general Slapping someone is not assault.... it is called Battery....Battery is the harmful or offensive touching of another (MORE)

What if you assault a minor?

assault is a criminal offense whether it is a minor or an adult, so if you were to assault a minor you could be arrested, this does not mean that you "spanked" a child, althou (MORE)

What if there is no injury on an assault?

Any person that pushing; shoves or hits someone else and even though there are no injuries to the victim it is still assault. No one has the right to take any of these actions (MORE)

What is Simple assault?

Simple assault is the lowest degree of assault. In general, assault is "making threats with the ability to carrythem out". Despite common belief, you do NOT have to touch the (MORE)