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What is criminal assault?

Criminal battery is when one or more people intentionally cause bodily injury to one or more other people, usually by hitting them with their hands or feet or with tools like (MORE)

What is an assault rifle?

The M16 and AK are assault rifles A self loading rifle, with a select fire option (e.g., full auto or burst) and which fires a cartridge classed as an 'intermediate' cartridg (MORE)

Is assault a felony?

Any "assault" committed while armed with a weapon can be considered a felony offense on the face of it. However a "simple" assault (committed by a physical touching (i.e.: h (MORE)

What is aggravated assault?

A very generic description is, an assault on another person where a weapon is used, or where serious bodily injury is inflicted on the victim, or both.   As a basic compari (MORE)

What is an arthropod assault?

Arthropod assault is a medical term describing a skin reaction to an insect bite characterized by inflammation and eosinophilic response. Basically, it's a reaction to a bug b (MORE)

What is assault?

The definition of assault is placing a person in apprehension (aware) of imminent (soon), offensive, unprivileged, unlawful, and offensive touching. A threat with present capa (MORE)

What is assault and battery?

'Assault' (sometimes called "simple assault" is an assault by unwanted touching using your hands or fists. 'Assault and Battery' means an unwanted touching using your hands us (MORE)