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What is an asset?

business asset (something of value owned by a business). Anything owned \nby an entity or an individual is an asset of that entity or that \nindividual and which can provide c (MORE)
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What are assets?

Assets are items of monetary value owned by a business. They can be tangible objects such as CD players, bikes, toys, cash, etc. a asset is something you own or you business (MORE)
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What is asset?

asset is something which can be changed into cash at any time.... eg: buliding, machine , computer ....etc. . there are two kind ot asset ... . 1) tangable ....which can be (MORE)
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How can you be an asset?

An asset is a person that helps out a lot with their company or is a special item. To be an asset, you can work very hard and volunteer to help out with special jobs.
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What is assets?

Any item which is expected to used in the business for earnings andprofit is called asset. There are two types of assets on the basesof their uses as : Short term assets or cu (MORE)
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What is a asset?

a asset means the properties of every description belonging to the trade or the valuable things owned by a business concern. Ex: cash, goods, buildings, machinery, etc., By-N (MORE)
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Why it is that an asset is a asset?

There are three characteristics that define an asset, as follows: . The entity obtained the asset in a past event/transaction. . The entity has present control over the as (MORE)
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When is an asset classified as a current asset?

An asset is something that is considered to be a future economic benefit of the business a current asset is the same but that future economic benefit is expected to occur wi (MORE)
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When is an asset not an asset?

There are many things which could be considered an asset to a company that are not reflected on the company's Balance Shhet as an asset. For example: qualified, competent empl (MORE)
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Is stationary assets current assets?

Yes it is, a non current asset is one that will last over 12months, a current asset is one that will be used up within 12months.