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What is Assimilation in biology?

\nAssimilation- Piagetian concept of the incorporation of new concepts into existing schemes. \nAssimilation (linguistics), a linguistic process by which a sound becomes simil (MORE)

What does it mean to assimilations?

If something 'assimilates' it means that they have become similar, or to fit into. is the process where after food being absorbed it is transferred to the blood steam

What was assimilation?

Assimilation commonly means the inclusion of a person of a different culture into the culture of where they are currently living. Assimilation programs were and are still used (MORE)

Example of assimilation?

Assimilation is when someone takes a piece of newly learned information and categorizes it into an existing schema or heading. Example: A child kicks a soccer ball with a spec (MORE)

What is a assimilation?

Yelena's Family moved to the United States from Russia when she was a small child. Her parents only permitted her to speak English at home and they quickly embraced American h (MORE)

What is Assimilation?

Assimilation has many applications: . In linguistics, assimilation is a process by which a sound becomes similar to an adjacent sound . Cultural assimilation is the proces (MORE)

What is spatial assimilation?

The theory of spatial assimilation explains that minority groupswill eventually move into neighborhoods that are less segregated.When living in a neighborhood that is worst of (MORE)
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What did assimilation fail?

assimilation failed because migrants were not embracing the white australian way and didnt like the way they had to lose their culture also some migrants were forced to work l (MORE)
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What is assimilations?

The process in which the absorbed food is taken in by body cells and used for energy, growth and repair, is called assimilation.