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What does a pharmacy assistant do?

They assist Pharmacists. They basically greet customers and act as  a middle man so the busy pharmacist doesn't have to step down from  inside their big medicine cabinets an (MORE)

What is a Baseball Assist?

Baseball 'Assist'   A baseball 'assist' is given when a fielder 'assists' in the making of an 'out' of an opposing player. For example, a ground ball is hit to the third (MORE)
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What do physician assistants do?

A Physicians Assistant (PA) and Nurse Practitioner (NP) fill the  special role between nurses and medical physicians MDs/osteopaths  DOs. The PA and NP under the supervision (MORE)

Who were hades assistant?

I'm gonna have to against what the "expert" answered on this one,  Hades had an assistant his name was Charos the angel of dead, his  job was to transfer the souls of the de (MORE)

What is a it assistant?

An IT Assistant is usually a "jack of all trades" for your small business's information technology needs. When you don't have an entire IT department at your beck and call, th (MORE)

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Assist in lacrosse?

  When the ball is passed to the shooter and they score a goal. Usually if the shooter takes more than 3 to 5 step its considered unassisted.

What are robot assistants?

Robot Assistants are part of a new wave of home assistants. They will assist with small tasks around the house, such as located slippers or fetching your glasses. Many of thes (MORE)