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When does a condominium association cease to be an association?

Usually, the association must be dissolved in order for the association to cease. (It may not be in good standing under the guidelines of the Secretary of State, but not filin (MORE)

What is an associate?

An associate is a "friend of" or a "guy" of a current made-man member of the mob. Usually an associate conducts business with the mob(or just one made-man), but some of them (MORE)

What is associative play?

This is when a child is interested in the people playing but not  the activity they are doing. It is a substantial amount of  interaction involved although the activities ar (MORE)

Do you have Freedom of Association?

Freedom of Association is a right by natural law. However, thescale and level to which it may be practiced in actuality isdependent on the statutory and even social laws that (MORE)
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Is subtraction associative?

Yes, because theres parenthesis around each problem. is wrong because if there wasn't parenthesis example 2-3-4= -5 then mix it up example 3-4-2= -3 so it is not * (MORE)
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Is Subtraction is associative?

True. You may not be able to switch numbers like 4-2=2-4 but you would say 4-2=-2+4 * * * * * That is not the associative property! The associative property requires that the (MORE)

What are associates?

There are many types of associates. It is referring to groups of people, communities like; lawyers may have many other lawyers that work in the same office, they are called as (MORE)
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What is memorandum of association and articles of association?

A constitutional document of a registered company that must be drawn up by the person(s) wishing to set it up. Under the Companies Act 1985 certain compulsory clauses must be (MORE)