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What is a committee?

Answer 1    It is a collective term for a group of people formed for a common  goal or goals, sometimes temporary and sometimes ongoing.  Committees may be part of a (MORE)

What does a committee chairman do?

A committee chairperson's responsibility is to ensure the  committee's rules and objectives are being followed. The  chairperson is a leader and chairs the meetings, but doe (MORE)

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Which countries are in the European association?

You probably mean EU Association Agreements between EU-states and non-members, here it goes the list of contries that EU has agreement for cooperation with : Albania (2009) (MORE)
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How do you tell what rarity on a yu-gi-oh card?

Rarity these days is more about the card's style rather than how hard it is to obtain. A card in secret rare style might be just a mass produced reprint, for example. Only an (MORE)
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What is associated with shunglu committee?

Against the backdrop of dispute over figures of presumptive loss in 2G spectrum allocation, the CAG has said the draft report which had put Rs 2,645 crore as one of the loss f (MORE)