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What is independent assortment?

Independent assortment is the random assortment of chromosomes  during the production of gametes, the results are genetically  unique individual gametes. For those that want (MORE)
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What is random assortment?

OK, I looked this up online and couldn't find a very clear definition. From what i found it is the random pattern of homologues at the metaphase plate.. I have no idea what th (MORE)
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What is the effect of independent assortment on meiosis?

  With assortment in meiosis the daughter cells from Meiosis I split into four sister cells. Then the sister cells can re-combine with the genes from the other parent, the (MORE)
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What is dependent assortment?

  a hypothesis of getting an offspring with 3:1 ratio   Mendel have found that only independent assortment works because independent assortment could predict all of the (MORE)

How do you assort diamond?

Raw diamonds are probably sorted first as to colour and clarity, those being the highest-value natural characteristics. When cut and polished, the goal is to preserve as much (MORE)

How do you do diamond assortment?

If you are a jeweler and a customer commissions diamond jewelery, you present a case of different sized, cut, and colours of diamonds for the customer to choose from -- your d (MORE)