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How do you get free astros?

"FREE" offers, are not really free. Ask yourself these questions:. If they're giving it to me for free, how are they paying for it? . What do you have to do? You have to giv (MORE)
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What is an Astro Zombie?

I saw an old movie called Astro Zombies a few years ago. In the movie the Zombies are from outer space. So I would say they are Alien Zombies.
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How do you astro project?

First of all, it's ASTRAL projection. and second, there must be a better use of your time.

What is astro boy about?

Astro Boy is a Japanese anime or cartoon, recently expanded into a movie- there are an immense variety of episodes, plot devices, and even verses of the theme song! It was cre (MORE)
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What is astro bowling?

Astro bowling is when they turn off all of the lights and turn on the black lights and the multi-colored lights. They do this at night or for a special event.
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How old is Astro?

The rapper "Astro" (Brian Vaughn Bradley, Jr.) is 21 years old (born September 27, 1996). The cartoon dog Astro on The Jetsons is somewhat younger, but then he hasn't been (MORE)

What did astro boy do?

He defeated a evil robot in the end sacrifising himself, but later  revived due to the life he's shared with another robot before.
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