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What is the function of astrocytes cells?

Astrocytes are star shaped glial cells because of cytoplasmic processes that extend from the cell body. They play a role in regulating the extracellular composition of brain (MORE)
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What are the functions of astrocytes?

They secrete nerve growth factors, form a blood-brain barrier,regulate chemical composition of tissue fluid, and convert bloodglucose to lactate for neurons to use for fuel.
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What is an astrocyte?

The most abundant type of macroglial cell, astrocytes (also called astroglia ) have numerous projections that anchor neurons to their blood supply. Read more: http://www (MORE)

What are the functions of astrocytes microglia ependymal and oligodendrocytes in cns?

The astrocytes provide structural support, join parts, and assist in the regulation of concentrations of nutrients and ions. Oligodendrocytes provide insulation (myelin) aroun (MORE)