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What is an astronaut?

An astronaut is a person who travels in Space. Until 03 an astronaut was usually trained by the military, government or civil space agents. Now they are trained by the SSO- Sp ( Full Answer )
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What do astronauts do?

Science projects . fix the space station . compile data . fly the shuttle . land the shuttle . do space walks . test theories
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Who are astronauts?

Astronauts are, if you like putting it this way, 'space people'. They fly in rockets and shoot to outer space and study it up there.
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What do you have to do to be an astronaut?

you have to do lots of Maths and science.You also need to train for ages say a year or so you have to go to Collage and University to get a good education to keep fit and heal ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have astronauts?

Well, to explore space ofcourse. Astronauts go to space to find new planets or such. They observe what is happening.
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Where do astronauts get their are from?

Im assuming you're just an idiot and mean AIR.......... also they have technology that can produce oxygen.
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Are you an astronaut?

No I am not, I have never left the earths atmosphere. But there may be someone else that reads this that is an astronaut. Keep looking.
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Why do astronauts want to be astronauts?

Astronauts want to be one of the few people who get to go into space, to experience living in a weightlessness environment, to look down on the earth from above, and to fully ( Full Answer )
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What is astronauts do?

Astronauts go to different planets etc and collect specimens and other things so that scientists can research and find out more about our solar system.
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Why a astronaut and not an astronaut?

"An astronaut" is the correct form, not "a astronaut." "an" is used instead of "a" whenever the word it modifies begins with a vowel.