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What is an astronaut?

An astronaut is a person who travels in Space. Until 03 an astronaut was usually trained by the military, government or civil space agents. Now they are trained by the SSO- Sp (MORE)

Who are astronauts?

Astronauts are, if you like putting it this way, 'space people'. They fly in rockets and shoot to outer space and study it up there.

Are you an astronaut?

No I am not, I have never left the earths atmosphere. But there may be someone else that reads this that is an astronaut. Keep looking.

Why do astronauts want to be astronauts?

Astronauts want to be one of the few people who get to go into space, to experience living in a weightlessness environment, to look down on the earth from above, and to fully (MORE)

What is astronauts do?

Astronauts go to different planets etc and collect specimens and other things so that scientists can research and find out more about our solar system.