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Who invented Astroturf?

The inventors of astroturf were James M. Faria and Robert T. Wright of Monsato Industries. It was Co-invented and was invented in 1964 at Robert Wright's house and astroturf i (MORE)

What is astroturf?

Astroturf is a type of artificial turf used to mimic grass. Whilenot the same as grass, the cost of laying AstroTurf, especially inindoor stadiums, is much cheaper then laying (MORE)

When was AstroTurf invented?

AstroTurf is an artificial grass. It was co-invented in 1965 by Donald L. Elbert, James M. Faria, and Robert T. Wright. It was patented in 1967 and originally sold under the n (MORE)

How do you install astroturf?

It's a very long and complex procedure, the best people to this question would be Astroturf companies.. It depends on the surface to which you wish to affix the astroturf. R (MORE)

What are astroturf trainers?

Astro Turf trainers are trainers with extra grips on their soles which are uniquely designed for playing on Astro Turf Pitches. There are many variations of these boots and yo (MORE)

Where was astroturf invented?

AstroTurf is a brand of artificial turf used for indoor stadiums.The Houston Astrodome was the first indoor stadium to useartificial turf in 1965.
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Why do colleges water the AstroTurf?

From personal experience, turf can become extremely hot. This is usually because the sun is pounding on the rubber and artificial grass. Watering it cools it down so that it d (MORE)
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Why is AstroTurf called AstroTurf?

The Astros (baseball team) were the first ones to have it. TheAstrodome sits quietly gathering dust and items for storage inHouston. The domed stadium was home to the Houston (MORE)