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What is a digital line detector for a computer?

The jack for an analog phone line (the "regular" kind, where you could plug in a $10 phone and hear a dial tone) looks EXACTLY the same as the jack for a digital phone line, s (MORE)
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What is subscribe?

To subscribe means to sign up or register for something, usually a  website or a newsletter.

What are asymmetrical headlights?

Low beam headlamps, all around the world, produce an  asymmetrical light distribution: instead of shooting out straight  ahead (like a high beam), the highest-intensity ligh (MORE)

How do you get subscribers?

I would start with a video of something that nobody has seen before that is really awesome. I would film it on a camera that does at least 640x480 pixels because that is medi (MORE)
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What is an asymmetrical shape?

  Some shapes do not have any lines of symmetry. These shapes are called asymmetrical. It doesn't matter how you fold an asymmetrical shape--the two halves just won't matc (MORE)

How do you get all the digital cable subscribers to switch to your new program tier devoted to HDTV programming?

    Answer       I am guessing you mean other than offer more features at a price that compels them to make the switch decision. Most business contact cu (MORE)

What is the difference between the Digital Subscriber Line broadband and Dial up?

  Digital Subscriber Line broadband is a whole world of difference from Dial-up! Ok so dial up is transmitting tones & data over a phone line, its slow and typical speed (MORE)