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What is asymmetrical?

a piece of are that is not well balanced and not identical on both sides.
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What are asymmetrical headlights?

Low beam headlamps, all around the world, produce anasymmetrical light distribution: instead of shooting out straightahead (like a high beam), the highest-intensity light in t ( Full Answer )
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What is an asymmetrical shape?

Some shapes do not have any lines of symmetry. These shapes are called asymmetrical. It doesn't matter how you fold an asymmetrical shape--the two halves just won't match!
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What is Asymmetric?

Asymmetric means something is not the exact same on both sides of acentral line. It means that something lacks symmetry.
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What is an asymmetrical sail?

"Asymmetrical" is a description of the shape of the perimeter (outline) of the sail. It just means that it is not symmetrical.
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What is asymmetric symmetry?

The synthesis of an optically active compound from an optically inactive compound with or without using an optically active reagent.
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What is asymmetric interdependence?

refers to the relationship in which countries find themselves unequal but possessing variable degrees of power and initiative in politics, economics and culture (Straubhaar, 1 ( Full Answer )
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What is a asymmetrical bob?

An asymmetrical bob is created when weight of the hair is positioned unequally in other words one side may be long and the other side cut very short around your face. For e ( Full Answer )
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What is asymmetric routing?

Network packets travel through different waypoints from A to Z compared to packets traveling from Z to A. Asymmetric Routing (ASR, also seen:"asymmetrical route") does typic ( Full Answer )
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What is Asymmetric motor?

All the Motors that we have access up to now are symmetrical. Symmetrical motors are Closed Systems that equals Zero in a"Balanced Equation" of Energy Conservation. They bala ( Full Answer )