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How did bertram potter die?

  Walter Bertram Potter, brother of Beatrix Potter the artist and author of the " Peter Rabbit" series of tales, died of a cerebral haemorrage as a result of alcoholism. H (MORE)

What was Behrens v Bertram Mills Circus 1957?

Behrens v. Bertram Mills Circus Ltd. is a case heard in England under the Queens Bench Division in 1957. Behrens was the plaintiff, the one who filed the suit against Bertram (MORE)
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What hotel did hunter s Thompson stay at in fear and loathing in Las Vegas?

Hunter S. Thompson and Oscar Zeta Acosta stayed at the Flamingo while attending a seminar by the National Conference of District Attorneys on Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs hel (MORE)

What is information about the Morrison Hotel in the 1920's?

%DETAILS%     The Morrison Hotel, the "Hotel of Perfect Service," was a premier Chicago hotel by the 1920s. Located in the center of the city at the corner of Clark an (MORE)

What happened to the paradise paradise hotel that used to be on paradise island in the 1990's?

Torn down to make way for the expansion of the massive Atlantis Resort complex. It was a small, friendly, hotel that catered to young people looking to have fun at the beach. (MORE)

What type of hotel is the President Hotel?

The President Hotel is a 4-star Best Western Plus Hotel and Conference Venue located in Istanbul, Turkey. Established in 1989, the President Hotel is an environmentally-friend (MORE)