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How much is a Atari?

Online Auction Prices 4-Switch model: $45-$55 4-Switch "Darth Vader" model: $45-$55 6-Switch mode: $75 Atari 2600 Jr.: $25 Thrift Stores/Garage Sales (may vary) All models (MORE)
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Who bought Atari?

In 1998, JTS, a company that had previously bought Atari, sold allAtari assets as intellectual property scraps. Hasbro Interactivebought all copyrights, trademarks, and patent (MORE)

What does atari cost?

WEll an atari can cost 30$-200$ it all depends on the condition and what kind it is . woodys cost about 40-120$ (i own one). the atari jr. cost about 50-70$. if your a collect (MORE)

Can the Atari 7800 games be played on the Atari 2600?

Of course not, that makes as much sense as PS3 games working on a PSOne. Backwards compatability can only do so much. Think about it; if 7800 games would work on your old 2600 (MORE)