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Who was Aten?

Aten the "sun god" replacing Ra the sun god was created when  Akhenaton, King tutenkhamen's relative, created him forcing some  people to follow a new religion where they on (MORE)

Who practiced Atenism?

  The pharaoh Akhenaten made Atenism the national religion of Egypt.   after his death, pharaoh Tut ordered the old gods to be put back.   technically everyone had t (MORE)

What does Living Image of Aten mean?

The 'Aten' was scribed as a solar discus on top of several image representations of deities in Ancient Egypt. The 'Aten' was thought to be a sphere of energy with characterist (MORE)

What is another name for aten the god?

Aton the god was a very old god that was created to replace theolder mythology sun god named "ra". After Akhenaton, King tut or(tutenkhamen)'s relative replaced and made a rel (MORE)

How do you spell aten?

The proper name Aten (Aton) is from the Egyptian sun-disk god (the religion Atenism). Common English words that are similar : ATTEND (verb) - to be at a location or event ATTA (MORE)

Where does food go after aten?

It depends what you mean if you mean after chewed then it goes into your throat then into you stomach and so on. If you mean after your anus, hopefully...the toilet.
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Does the Egyptian god Aten have relatives?

The ancient Egyptian term for the disk of the sun was Aten, but this term initially could be applied to any disk, including even the surface of a mirror or the moon ; the term (MORE)
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What is the meaning of Aten?

Atem is the ancient Egyptian deity worshipped primarily during the  Amarna Period in the eighteenth dynasty.