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Who was Athena?

Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, crafts, and battle. She was born when Zeus, afraid to be overthrown by a new child, swallowed his pregnant wife Metis. When she had the (MORE)

What powers did Athena have?

The Greek goddess Athena was very powerful, and like all gods shehad the power to morph into regular people to be among mortals.Since she was goddess of wisdom she was incredi (MORE)

Where is Athena from?

If you're asking what place is she from, the answer is Mount Olympus . If you're asking how she was born,technically she born from her mother's womb. But Zeus had swallowe (MORE)

What can Athena do?

Athena is the Goddess of War, but unlike the God of War, Ares, she presides over the strategic-aspect of battle. She basically has an influence over strategy and wars themselv (MORE)

Where is Athena?

Like the rest of the Greek gods she is nowhere to be found. Sculptures of her are in several museums.. Athena is arguably everywhere, or a continuing part of something, or sh (MORE)