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Which is more likely to cause damage to a wooden floor a basketball player in athletic shoes or a sports reporter stainding in high heels?

the reporter because there is more pressure being applied to a smaller floor contact area. the pressure exerted depends on the area of contact. the smaller the area of contact (MORE)

Which athletes endorse Nike running shoes?

Since the 1960s, athletes have endorsed Nike shoes. The first American athlete to endorse Nike was Steve Prefontaine in 1973. Since then, many other athletes have endoresed (MORE)

Why spikes are provided on the soles of the shoes of athletes?

Spikes are provided on the soles of shoes of athletes to increase the friction between the shoe and the ground.e
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What are Athletic Shoes made of?

  Athletic shoes are made of flexible compounds, typically featuring a sole made of dense rubber.
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What is a possessive noun in the sentence the athletic shoes of the team member?

'The athletic shoes of the team member...' is not a sentence, it is a noun phrase. It contains no verb and it is an incomplete thought. There is no possessive noun is the noun (MORE)

Where are Nike athletic shoes manufactured?

Nike athletic shoes are manufactured mainly in China and other countries in Asia. None of their shows are manufactured in the United States. New balance is made in the US.
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Does shoe design affect an athletes jumping height?

Yes, a shoe design would affect an athletes jumping height as there would need to be some sort of shock absorber to help with the landing, and a "spring" to help give them the (MORE)

Are Supra shoes dance shoes?

Supra Shoes are designed for skateboarding. However, they can be used for dancing, and/or just wearing casually. If you get Supra's for dance, make sure to have a separate pa (MORE)

What is a walk-on athlete?

The term "walk-on athlete" refers to a collegiate athlete that is not awarded a scholarship to play their sport. Walk-ons pay their own tuition, books, fees, and living expens (MORE)