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What do track and field athletes have on the bottom of their shoes?

Depending on what events track and field athletes participate in, depends on the kind of shoes they wear. Running: Spikes: a light weight shoe with short metal spikes on t (MORE)

Which athletes endorse Nike running shoes?

Since the 1960s, athletes have endorsed Nike shoes. The first American athlete to endorse Nike was Steve Prefontaine in 1973. Since then, many other athletes have endoresed (MORE)

What was the first athletic shoe company?

Converse did. With the emmergence of vulcanuzed rubber, it made rubber soled shoes possible. Converse was the first to develop an athletic shoe in 1918. It was the converse al (MORE)

Where are Nike athletic shoes manufactured?

Nike athletic shoes are manufactured mainly in China and other countries in Asia. None of their shows are manufactured in the United States. New balance is made in the US.
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