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How many athletes per country are competing in the 2008 Summer Olympics?

  Afghanistan-4 Albania-10 Algeria-61 American Samoa-4 Andorra-5 Angola-32 Anitgua & Barbuda-32 Argentina-147 Armenia-24 Aruba-2 Australia-456 Austri (MORE)

What countries were represented in the 2008 Summer Olympics?

The following 204 countries will be participating in the 2008 Olympic Games:   Afghanistan   Albania   Andorra   Antigua and Barbuda   Angola   Algeria   (MORE)

What is the slowest mens 100 meter dash in the Olympics?

The slowest men's 100 meter dash in Olympics was a feat  accomplished by Samuel Winston Donald Lee. This occurred at the  2002 Salt Lake City Olympics with a time of 1 minut (MORE)

What number is this 2008 Summer Olympics?

  The modern Summer Olympic Games was started in 1896. There have been 28 Summer Olympic Games held. The modern Winter Olympic Games were started in 1924. There have been (MORE)