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What is Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson is an English Comedian, best known for his characters "Mr Bean" "Edmund Blackadder" and the 1980's satirical sketch show "Not The Nine O Clock News" He has al (MORE)

Who is rowan atkinsons sister?

He has a younger sister named Lindsay Atkinson, and she lives in the USA. She is a singer. Try checking myspace music for a Lindsay Atkinson, or facebook. :)
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When did Rowan Atkinson start acting and why?

Rowan Atkinson started to act While studying for a Master's degree at Oxford University. He fell in love with acting and comedy and joined an amateur theatre company. He took (MORE)

What is the achievement motivation of Atkinson?

John Atkinson's Theory of Achievement Motivation Theory states that  people with a high need for achievement are generally more  motivated. It also defines the fear of failu (MORE)