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What is Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson is an English Comedian, best known for his characters "Mr Bean" "Edmund Blackadder" and the 1980's satirical sketch show "Not The Nine O Clock News" He has al (MORE)

Who is rowan atkinsons sister?

He has a younger sister named Lindsay Atkinson, and she lives in the USA. She is a singer. Try checking myspace music for a Lindsay Atkinson, or facebook. :)
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When did Rowan Atkinson start acting and why?

Rowan Atkinson started to act While studying for a Master's degree at Oxford University. He fell in love with acting and comedy and joined an amateur theatre company. He took (MORE)

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Is Rowan Atkinson atheist?

He hasn't discussed his personal religious beliefs, however he has  says that he's not particularly religious and he did strongly  criticise a proposed "Religious Hate Act" (MORE)