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What sound do puffins make?

Puffins make loud growling calls usually from underground which sounds like a muffled chainsaw. The chicks "peep" for food from parents.
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Can you have a puffin as a pet?

No.. They're protected by law. Special licensing and housing requirements would basically turn your home into a sanctuary for puffins. The cost of this would exceed buying a n (MORE)

Are puffins extinct?

In the past, puffin numbers have suffered as the birds' pelts have been used for clothing and their eggs prized by collectors. However, North Atlantic puffins, with an estimat (MORE)

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Where do puffins nest?

  Puffins look for a cozy crack between the rocks, or they dig their own hole for their nest. They use their bills as shovels and sweep loose dirt away with their feet. At (MORE)

Where do Atlantic Puffins live?

Atlantic puffins spend their winters on the open sea, and can be found in a range from the eastern coast of Canada and the northern states of the USA (particularly around the (MORE)
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Can you buy a puffin bird?

They are a protected species under UK law and also endangered. Hence I am assuming that this is not legally possible!
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What adaptations for flight do puffins have?

puffins use Bernoulli's Principal which is when the speed of air is high the pressure is low, and when the speed of air is low the pressure is high, and high pressure pushes a (MORE)