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Chick carlton's strange world was not recorded with the majestics but the Atlantics with barry white.?

Strange World was recorded with Chick Carlton singing the lead and Barry White singing the backup harmony with his group The Atlantics. Chick and Barry became great friends af (MORE)

Where is Atlantic ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean is a body of water located in both the northern  and southern hemispheres. It is found between North America and  Europe on the north and South America an (MORE)

Where was the Battle of the Atlantic?

\n. \n Battle of the Atlantic \n. \n. \nIn the Atlantic, of course. It refers to the World War 2 efforts to control shipping in the Atlantic Ocean. While the vast ma (MORE)

What was the Atlantic Revolution?

  The Atlantic Revolution wasn't one single conflict. It is referring to the revolutions that took place on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean between the mid-18th century u (MORE)

Why is the Atlantic salty?

The Atlantic ocean is very salty because of the effects of the winds around it. Typically, the Atlantic is fed by wind coming off of the United States. This continental wind i (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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