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What was the Atlantic Wall during World War 2?

    Atlantic Wall       The Germans built a defensive line along the French coast facing Britain to defend against the looming invasion. The invasion suc (MORE)

What was the Atlantic Revolution?

  The Atlantic Revolution wasn't one single conflict. It is referring to the revolutions that took place on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean between the mid-18th century u (MORE)

Where is Atlantic ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean is a body of water located in both the northern  and southern hemispheres. It is found between North America and  Europe on the north and South America an (MORE)

How long was the Atlantic wall?

During World War II, the "Atlantic Wall", the name given to the  coastline of western Europe being defended by German (and their  allied) troops, stretched from the far sout (MORE)

Why is the Atlantic salty?

The Atlantic ocean is very salty because of the effects of the winds around it. Typically, the Atlantic is fed by wind coming off of the United States. This continental wind i (MORE)
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Where is the walling wall?

The name "Wailing Wall" was used by the British as an insult against Jews. It come from the way many Jews will rock back and forth while praying. The proper English name is "T (MORE)

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