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Is atlantica online free?

yes its free. There is a place called the item mall that allows you to buy items with real money if you want but it is totally optional.

Is Atlantica Online cool?

well.... that depends if you like strategic online mmorpgs also if you have played the world of warcraft trial or full game i guarantee you will like this game if you don't th (MORE)

Where are the bosses for Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts?

Ursula, Flotsam & Jetsam (Ursula's Lair) Swim through the Den of Tides until you reach a split in the path. Follow the eel design on the wall cave, which points to Ursula's (MORE)

Is atlantica a country?

Atlantica is a world in Kingdom Hearts and a City in the Disney movie The Little Mermaid . However there is a city called "Atlanta" in Georgia, USA and a fabled city of "Atla (MORE)

Can you skip atlantica in kh1?

I really think you can. I almost beat the game without Atlantica until I remembered I need something from there to get some items from the Moogle mix shop thing.