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Is Atlantis real?

Atlantis may or may not exist. Scientists found evidence of advanced civilization on the island of Thera, Santorini and/or Azores. yes i have been there i don't mean the on (MORE)

Where was Atlantis located?

Atlantis is mythological and its location is uncertain. It may have been supposed to exist in the Mediterranean Sea, or perhaps in the Atlantic Ocean (which takes its name fro (MORE)

What was Atlantis?

Technically speaking no one actually knows whether or not Atlantis was real. However it was said to be a lost civilization that was to be far more advanced then the world to (MORE)

What state is Atlantis in?

There is an Atlantis Casino and Hotel in the Bahamas, which is not part of the US. Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia. There was or is a nightclub in Coney Island, ( (MORE)

What was the Atlantis Charter?

The Atlantic Charter was a 1941 agreement between UK Prime MinisterWinston Churchill and US President Franklin Roosevelt, declaring aset of principles which were later the bas (MORE)

How was Atlantis created?

Atlantis is an old tale found in a Egyptian temple that Plato recorded. The real Atlantis, according to Archeologist, was the island of Santorini which had a large volcano in (MORE)