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Why is Atlantis a mystery?

Because it was an strange civilization. No civilization has never  had contact with Atlantis civilization mainly because it has been  said to exist in areas of the globe tha (MORE)

How old is Atlantis?

Atlantis is said to be over 17,000 years old since the birth of Jesus in the year 0 AD so it should be around 19,000 years old now
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Where is Atlantis?

Atlantis was an island continent just off the coast of Africa just  slightly north of the Canary Islands. In fact, the Canary Islands  of today are a branch of the Nile rive (MORE)

Where was Atlantis located?

Atlantis is mythological and its location is uncertain. It may have been supposed to exist in the Mediterranean Sea, or perhaps in the Atlantic Ocean (which takes its name fro (MORE)

What is capital of Atlantis?

Apparently the capital of Atlantis was Atlantis. The earliest known discussion of Atlantis is in Plato's writings, essentially for the purpose of contrasting it with the city- (MORE)

What is the nickname for atlantis?

Nickname for the Atlantis is "deep secret". This is because of the leaked information about the exact location of the Atlantis city at the bottom of the Marianas trench, BUT u (MORE)