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What is meaning of title atlas shrugged?

The title of the book is best explained by a conversation between Francisco and Hank Rearden. Below is a quotation within Atlas Shrugged from that discussion(Part 1, page 422) (MORE)

What is atlas shrugged by ayn rand about?

Atlas Shrugged is about society. the novel promotes a capitalist economy in which there is total equality. Meaning the government is uninvolved and earnings are based upon eff (MORE)

What is the story of Atlas Shrugged?

Dagny Taggart faces a world where the destruction of capitalism threatens the livelihood of her train company. She faces off against her own brother who believes that man has (MORE)

Who is reading Atlas Shrugged?

The La Dee Da book club of Atlanta GA is currently reading Atlas Shrugged. They plan to analyze and discuss this book on August 28th, 2009.

Is Mr. Thompson from 'Atlas Shrugged' famous?

Yes, in a sense. He was a fictional character in the bestselling philosophical novel "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. He was described as the "Head of State", a position equivale (MORE)

What is 'Atlas Shrugged' about?

Ayn Rand's classic dystopian novel "Atlas Shrugged" is about a society very much like ours today in which the productive people in society - the few people who invent things, (MORE)

Is Anthem a prequel to Atlas Shrugged?

I think that Atlas Shrugged is a prequel to Anthem. think about it - Atlas Shrugged is about the fall of capitalism in America, and all the while, "John Gault" goes around pro (MORE)