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What does atman mean?

Atman means a Hindu 'soul'. :)The spiritual life principle of the universe, especially whenregarded as inherent in the real self of the individual.

What is the difference between Atman and atman?

atman - is individual self with ego, and ignorance which unable to discriminate unreal to real. Atman is true Self (capital "S") and your true essence which is eternal (MORE)

What is the relationship between brahman and atman?

The Brahman is the original, spirit of the world, it is effectively the creator. The Atman is basically our soul, and it is immortal. The atman is part of the Brahman, that (MORE)

What religion is atman assosiated with?

Atman is the Hindu concept of "real self", or the purest essence of an individual. A person's emotions, feelings, and thoughts are not considered atman - those are Maya, or (MORE)

What is the difference between atman and brahman?

Atman is the part of Brahman that lives in all living beings, the soul or inner spirit. Brahman is the one true God of Hinduism, who encompasses all in the universe. All the (MORE)
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What role does Maya play in the relationship of Brahman and Atman?

To understand the role played by Maya in the relationship between Atman and Brahman we must know what these are. BRAHMAN: Brahman is the one and only omnipotent Hindu (MORE)