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What if there were no atmosphere?

Simply put, if there were no atmosphere, there would be no life on Earth! The atmosphere protects the surface from the intensity of the sun's radiation, because gases and aero (MORE)

What warms the atmosphere?

Mostly the sun. The sun's heat warms the earth. This heat, in the form of infra-red energy rises into the atmosphere where it is trapped by greenhouse gases. This greenhouse e (MORE)

What is an atmosphere?

Not to be confused with "the atmosphere", an atmosphere is a unit of measurement. It is used to measure Air Pressure. One atmosphere is equivalent to 101,325 Pascals. More gen (MORE)

What is in eris's atmosphere?

  Methane and Nitrogen. Eris is now the farthest it could be from the sun, hence its atmosphere is frozen onto the surface. As it get closer to the sun in the future, its (MORE)
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What is atmospheric color?

Atmospheric colour is added by outside influences such as natural light, smoke or dust in the air, shadows or reflections shine by nearby objects, weather, distance, and light (MORE)

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What is an adjective for atmosphere?

The adjective form is "atmospheric." It can also refer to the  "atmosphere" (feel) of a setting or location.
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Why does mercury not have atmosphere?

Because it is too small and light. It does not have sufficient gravitational pull (which is proportional to mass) to keep its own atmosphere - the gases just escape.
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Is the atmosphere a solution?

Yes, it is a gaseous solution of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, and trace amounts of many other gases.
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Importance of atmosphere?

It protects us from the Sun. It contains the oxygen we need to  breathe and the carbon dioxide necessary for photosynthesis. It  provides rain. It provides a thermal 'blanke (MORE)

What is social atmosphere?

Social atmosphere essentially refers to what it is like in a  certain place where people gather. You would rate the social  atmosphere inside a bar as either pleasant or rou (MORE)