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Is an atom microscopic?

No. Atoms are submicroscopic, meaning they are too small to be seen  even with a microscope.
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Why does the structure of an atom on a strong nuclear force and electromagnetic force?

Why does the observed structure of atoms depend on the nuclear strong force and also the electromagnetic force? Imagine a prize fight between two very different -- but both ve (MORE)
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What is loading rate in atomic force microscopy?

The loading rate  represents the changing in applied force with time. loading rate =dF/dt. It is a general term used not only for AFM but also for Dynamic Force Spectroscopy (MORE)

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What are the microscope?

Microscope - device used to view objects which are too small to see  or explore with your eye alone. Compound - when a scope has a  minimum to two magnifying lenses. Binocul (MORE)
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Why do you need a special microscope to see atoms?

Because traditional optics cannot magnify something the size of an angstrom to a level viewable by the human eye. In addition atoms move faster than a human could track.
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What force only works on a microscopic scale?

The four forces are:    gravity - very long range and always attractive  electromagnetic - long range  weak nuclear force - very short range, limited to atomic  nucle (MORE)