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What is the Atonement of Christ?

  The Atonement is one word that encompasses three of the greatest things that Christ did for us: 1) He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane where he took upon himself t (MORE)

Is atonism a religion or philosophy?

During the 18th dynasty, suddenly came a religious revolt in  ancient Egypt, led by Amenhotep IV. During his 5th regnal year, the  king announced a new religion for the stat (MORE)
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What is days of atonement?

  Atonement is a Jewish and Christian doctrine that describes how sin can be forgiven by God. Days of atonement are days dedicated to pursuing the forgiveness of sins.
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What happened in atonement?

It is about and aristocratic family. There are 2 daughters, Ceclilia (Kiera Knightly) and Briony (Saoirse Ronan). Cecilia falls in love with the gardener Robbie (James McAvoy) (MORE)
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How did atonement work?

Atonement is, quite literally, a process by which a person puts right any wrongs that they have committed. It's still carried out by followers of many religions, such as Catho (MORE)

What composer made atonal music?

Claude Debussy is accredited with creating music which was devoid of a particular harmonic tonal center, however Schoenberg may perhaps be considered the first "atonal" compos (MORE)