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What is an attachment?

Answer . A file of any sort that you attach to an email.. Answer-- . An attachment is a component added onto a machine to alter its functioning. Attachment may also ref ( Full Answer )
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What is attachment?

It is either an attachment in love or an attachment to an email for example a word doc is an attachment.
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What do ligaments attach to?

There are three types of ligaments. . Articular ligaments: Fibrous tissue that connects bones to other bones. They are sometimes called "articular larua , "fibrous ligame ( Full Answer )
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Attached is or are?

Depends on what is being attached. If it is a single item, the correct term would be 'Attached is.' If it is multiple items, the correct usage would be 'Attached are.'.
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How to attach an attachment?

When you have a new email open on the top (normally near to the the send link) there will be a link called attach. click this. the click browse and find the file you want to s ( Full Answer )
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What does an attache do?

An attache' usually has a specialty that he/she is well versed in: millitray, immigration, science, medical, evacuations, etc. They are assigned to Ambassadors, Consul General ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell attach?

Attach, as in fasten or affix as with a staple. Or maybe you mean Attack. to set upon in a violent manner
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What does attached ribosomes do?

Ribosomes main function is protein synthesis which means producing proteins. A ribosome attached to something simply means that they will produce ribosomes near what they are ( Full Answer )
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What do enzymes attach to?

Enzymes attach to things called substrates to help speed up the reaction. Only certain enzymes match the shape of certain substrates.