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What attempted murder?

A very basic definition is, one person tried to kill another person, but the other person didn't die. In different jurisdictions, the legal definition can vary slightly, but i (MORE)
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What is attempted assult?

Attempted Assult is going to assult someone but don't or get found out and still don't do it.

What is attempt murder?

attempted murder is where you go out with the intention of killing somebody in particular. if you do not intend only killing somebody it is man slaughter. over all attempted m (MORE)
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Is attempt a verb?

Attempt can be a verb or a noun. verb -- The thief attempted to get away. - past tense. noun -- The thief made an attempt to get away.

What is an attempted assassination?

An assassination means the victim dies. An assassination attempt is when the political figure survives. President Reagan's shooting by Jon Hinckley Jr. was an attempt, as we (MORE)

Why was genocide attempted?

Genocide is committed for selfish motives. If you kill large numbers of people, you can then steal everything that they owned and acquire greater wealth for your own group. Th (MORE)

What does philosophy attempt to do?

philosophy work like a push - example - you are standing near swimming pool and you do not know how to swim suddenly your friend give you a push and you get fall in swimmi (MORE)