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How do you get a man's attention?

If you want to get a man's attention, you must exude confidence and let him know that you possess a quality that is attractive to any man. Men like women who are approachable, (MORE)

How do you get his attention?

if you want to get a guys attention its pretty simple all you have to do is a follow a few easy steps.First get him to notice you by looking better than youn usually do for,fo (MORE)
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What is attention?

The term 'attention' is used to describe the process of focusing on one or more specific stimuli (meaning something that activates our senses) while ignoring other stimuli tha (MORE)

How do you get her attention on you?

i just tell her howbeautiful she is otherwise i flirt with her and i WOULDN'T let her know exactly how you feel about her, just give some attention, don't ignore her or anythi (MORE)
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How can you attract his attention?

Be totally comfortable by yourself, do your own thing, put on something that compliments your curves and the features you want to enhance, use confidence, smile and use body l (MORE)

Who is the attention in snsd?

most people like jessica because she's pretty but she's the one to me that lip-syncs the most (no offense) but for roles and other stuff here's what i would say jessica, (MORE)
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Is attention a noun?

Yes, the word 'attention' is a noun , a word for carefulobservation; a word for the focus of the mind; a word for treatmentor care; a word for a military posture; a word for (MORE)
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What can you do to get your guys attention to be on you?

mostly just be your self. and if you have to change your self to get him to like you then hes not worth it! unless he is the only guy left on the planet and there is a zombie (MORE)

How to get girls attention?

to get a girl attention you need to say hi to her (but not too much) and sometimes say she looks nice
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What does attentive mean?

It basically means a person is paying attention, listening to what you are saying, watching what you are doing, etc.