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How can you get boys attention?

Flip your hair, wear makeup (not too much), smile all the time... but whatever you do, don't change your personality for the sake of a boy... it takes a toll on life in the lo (MORE)

How do you get attention from a girl?

  I'm a girl and I can tell you that we love attention. Compliment us on how we look and stuff like that. Be very sweet and kind to us. If you are trying to get a girl to (MORE)

Attention in a sentence?

Attention on deck! Pay attention! Your attention to this matter will be most appreciated.
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How do you avoid attention?

To avoid attention, you should not dress like someone who wants attention. For example, someone who wants attention might wear studded belts or the newest fashion. Just be you (MORE)

Helpful Swimming Tips for Dogs

Swimming, for dogs, is a natural ability, and most dogs are ready to jump right in the pool with the rest of the family and dog paddle around the pool easily. Some dogs may ha (MORE)

What is attentive public?

  The attentive public is the sector of society that is interested in politics and understands how government works.
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What does attentive mean?

It basically means a person is paying attention, listening to what you are saying, watching what you are doing, etc.
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What is attention?

The term 'attention' is used to describe the process of focusing on one or more specific stimuli (meaning something that activates our senses) while ignoring other stimuli tha (MORE)

Who attented the Woodstock?

Day  1: Friday, August 15 1969   Richie Havens   Sweetwater  Bert  Sommer  Tim  Hardin  Ravi  shankar   Melanie  Arlo  Guthrie   Joan  Day  2: Saturday, (MORE)