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How do you overcome lack of attention?

It depends. You might have a disorder called ADD, or attention deficit disorder, which means it is hard for you to pay attention. To overcome ADD I would recommend talking to (MORE)

What is the attention span of an insect?

The attention span of an insect ranges from a few seconds to  several minutes. If they are being watched by a predator or enemy,  they will watch until the threat is gone.
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Attention in a sentence?

Attention on deck! Pay attention! Your attention to this matter will be most appreciated.
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What does attention mean?

    it means when you have lots of people looking at you or play with you so for example" i have lots of people looking at me", and another girl says "she's got to muc (MORE)

How do you get a teachers attention?

  To get a teachers attention...   1. Wear Bright colors.   2. Dress sexually appealing.   3. Stay after class for "extra help"   4. Kiss some major booty!
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Why is Holmes' attention drawn to the ventilator?

___"You saw the ventilator, too?" ___"Yes, but I do not think that it is such a very unusual thing to have a small opening between two rooms. It was so small that a rat coul (MORE)