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What is golfing attire?

On a public course, it's pretty casual , At most Country Clubs, there may still be a dress code, so ask or call before you go. The only thing that is absolutely required where (MORE)

What is the proper attire for a wedding dance?

Depending on the role played in the wedding, attire for the wedding dance varies. The bride traditionally wears a white wedding dress and the groom a tuxedo or suit. The bride (MORE)
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What is the attire for a paleontologist?

If we are in a classroom/office, paleontologists attire would be a formal outfit, maybe a jacket. But, if were doing field work, then you will normally dress for the weather. (MORE)

What is proper attire for church?

When going to church , I think there's no specific attire required but , it is such an initiative for the person to look good but decent when going to church. It should be not (MORE)

What does garden formal attire mean?

Garden formal is fancy wear that is not inappropriate for outdoor terrain. Women should wear dresses or a nice shirt/skirt combo but pay attention to length. You won't want t (MORE)
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What is a sports attire?

Well it depends on what sport that you are talking about. For soccer you need the uniform and cleats and a mouthguard and shin guards and too keep your hair tied up if your a (MORE)

What is California Cocktail attire?

  Answer   California cocktail attire is a bit more relaxed than regular "cocktail attire". Generally cocktail attire would be considered a little black dress. Howev (MORE)

What is upscale attire?

Upscale attire generally means to wear a professional outfit. This  consists of dress pants, shoes, and a tucked in undershirt. For  women it means to wear a gown or dress t (MORE)