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What is party attire?

Casual attire is something that is not formal, such as jeans and a comfortable top.. cocktail party attire man should wear a suit and tie. lady can wear an elegant-looking dr (MORE)

What is attire for horses?

Attire is really clothing, but for horses it is their tack, leg wraps, bell boots, blankets, and other things that go on the horse to train, protect or direct the horse.
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What is an athletes attire?

it depends on the sport; usually the sport's standard uniform. if you're deciding to start playing a sport or trying out at a school, you are given a uniform. for recreational (MORE)

What is a sports attire?

Well it depends on what sport that you are talking about. For soccer you need the uniform and cleats and a mouthguard and shin guards and too keep your hair tied up if your a (MORE)

What is the attire for a paleontologist?

If we are in a classroom/office, paleontologists attire would be a formal outfit, maybe a jacket. But, if were doing field work, then you will normally dress for the weather. (MORE)
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What is Tennis attire?

White socks and trainers, white t-shirt and white briefs for boys. White socks and trainers, white-T-shirt, short white pleated skirt and white pettipants for girls.

What is golfing attire?

On a public course, it's pretty casual , At most Country Clubs, there may still be a dress code, so ask or call before you go. The only thing that is absolutely required where (MORE)
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What is athletic attire?

Athletic attire is a loose fitting casual set of cloths or gear used in a sport, workout, or exercise to protect or better suit a the the wearer in the activity.
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What is a Jewish attire?

"Jewish attire" can include anything from a suit, tallit (prayer shawl), and yarmulke/hat, to jeans and a t-shirt. It really just depends on the whether the specific person is (MORE)