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What is an attorney?

A person legally appointed by another person to act as his/heragent in the transaction of business, specifically one licensed andqualified to act for plaintiffs/defendants in ( Full Answer )
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What does an attorney do?

Attorneys-at-law are persons who are licensed to practice law within a given geographical jurisdiction. The types of legal services provided by an attorney may vary, with a lo ( Full Answer )
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What does the attorney do?

It depends on what type of an attorney. For example, a criminal defense attorney would meet with the defendant to discuss the facts and relevant law. Then he/she would investi ( Full Answer )
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Who can be an attorney in fact?

An attorney in fact is someone who acts for another person. To dothis, he or she must hold a power of attorney from the person forwhom they are acting.
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What to do opposing attorney will not reply to my attorney?

Most of the time, this circumstances will be due to two reasons: first, the question might leading to saying the client as guilty. Next, there are moments that a certain perso ( Full Answer )
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Is it attorney-at-law or attorney at law?

This two terms can be used at the same time though there are moments that one term is used "differently" with each other. They actually pertaining about attorney.