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You are not attractive?

  Everyone is attractice in their own way. Some people may not think that you are attractive, but others may think you are beautiful. Don't change yourself though, because (MORE)

How can you be attractive?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. It really is a matter of personal opinion :D It can depend on the type of society you have been brought up. Gene (MORE)

Why is he not attracted to me?

    Answer     No matter what the generation we all go through lost love. It's all about chemistry and sometimes it's just not right and it's not your fault. (MORE)
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Why are you attractive?

If you relate the word "Attractive" to science and the animal kingdom, you discover a lot. With most animals, an organism will try to choose the healthiest mate they can find. (MORE)

How do you be attractive?

May i suggest actually considering the qualities that make you attractive and irresistible to men? There are a few qualities that are universally attractive, meaning it's attr (MORE)

How do magnets attract and don't attract?

Magnets have a positive pole and a negative pole. Magnets attract  positive to negative, and do not attract if you try to put postive  to positive or negative to negative.
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What is attraction?

In magnetism, attraction is when two unlike poles attract.    In relationships, it is when two people are appealed to each other.

Do you attract the earth or earth attract you?

Both. -- The gravitational force is always actually a pair of forces. -- They act in both directions, on both bodies, and they're equal. -- Whatever your weight is on Ear (MORE)