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What is atypical tuberculosis?

Answer . Atypical mycobacteria are other mycobacterial species that MAY cause disease but do NOT cause Tuberculosis.. Unlike tuberculosis, atypical infections are (MORE)

What is atypical psychosis?

One of several difficult to diagnose psychosis previouslyclassified under diagnostic code 298.9 in DSM-III andICD-9 but which is no longer listed in newer versions of the DS (MORE)

What is atypical psychology?

Typical means ordinary or usual. Atypical means the opposite, or unusual. Atypical psychology would be any sort of psychology that is not the usual or normal thinking or behav (MORE)

What is atypical pregnancy?

Atypical means when a illness for instance don't follow the normal symptoms or patterns. In this case a pregnancy. Like the opposite to typical.
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What is atypical cells?

Atypical cells are cells that appear to be abnormal and needfurther testing to determine why they are abnormal. Sometimes thesecells can end up being cancer but not all atypic (MORE)

What is atypical benzodiazepine?

A "typical" benzodiazepine has a standard chemical structure of abenzene and a diazepine ring fused with other chemical strucuresfuzed to this ring at a certain place (usually (MORE)
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Is viral atypical pneumonia contagious?

See related links. Known viral causes of atypical pneumonia are severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and measles. Both of these viral conditions are contagious.
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What is BASC2 atypicality?

Atypicality is one of 14 behaviors that the test(BAS2- Behavior Assessment System of Children- 2nd edition (Parent Rating Scales) helps to identify in children tested. Atypica (MORE)