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Why is Auburn University named Auburn?

Answer . Upon entering college in1949 everyone called the college Auburn. It was just too much to say Alabama Polytechnic Institute or even write it on a check. Besides ju (MORE)
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What is auburn?

1. a hair color 2. A city in Alabama 3. A university- Auburn Universtiy 4. A city in both California and Alabama
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What was the Auburn system?

The Auburn system originated in the 19th century and it involvedhaving people work during the day and at night be locked insolitary confinement. It was also known as the New Y (MORE)
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Where is the of Auburn located?

Auburn, Alabama. It is about 30 minutes west of Columbus, GA and 40-45 minutes north of Montgomery, AL.
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Where is Auburn located?

Auburn is a location under New South Wales, Australia. It's located19 kilometres west of the Sydney. In addition, Auburn is a city / town in many US States, such as: . Aubur (MORE)
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Does auburn have a swimteam?

Auburn has a swim team. This year, 2010, an old Auburn swimmer was in the Olympics.
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Has Alabama beaten auburn at auburn?

Alabama has defeated Auburn only 3 times at Jordan-Hare Stadium, including 1999, 2001, and most recently in 2009. Auburn has a 7-3 record at Jordan-Hare against Alabama, while (MORE)
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Who is auburns quarterback?

Ben Tate but he is graduating and going into the NFL. We do not know yet but Ill update this
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How old is Auburn?

US singer Auburn (Auburn Williams) is 27 years old (birthdate December 2, 1990). * Auburn University was chartered on February 7, 1856, as the "East Alabama Male College."
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Is Auburn in Tuscaloosa?

No, the University of Alabama is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Auburn University is located in the city of Auburn.