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What are audibles?

  Audibles are animated, talking character that you can send to a friend in your IM conversations to liven things up a bit. They can say phrases like "sup?" and "I gotta s (MORE)

What is audible range?

The audible range is the lowest and the highest pitch sound we can hear. So for the human ear it would be 20Hz to 20,000Hz. More Information... The higher the sound the (MORE)

What is the meaning of audibly?

  It means - capable of being heard or loud enough to be heard   If i say, he did not talk audibly, it means, the speaker was not loud enough for everyone to hear and (MORE)

What is a sentence for audible?

"Jane talks so quietly that it is barely audible." "Grace spoke in an audible whisper." "There was an audible sense of dread before the exam."
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What is audible matrix?

When you are between 2 difference pieces of appliances or electronics emitting a white noise and your brain tries to make sense or order out of it by creating words that were (MORE)
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What is the audible sound?

A sound that can be heard in ordinary human ear is audible sound. It is approximately between 20 to 2000 decibel in strength. sound which is audible.. I.e. sound you can hear, (MORE)