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What is audio-visual learning?

Audio learning employs audio delivery of learning material to teach students. It is also known as "learning out loud," and may speed up learning time significantly Audio lear (MORE)

What is the Effectiveness of audio visual aids?

learning and teaching aids are very effective way of teaching.teaching aids can act as effective motivating agents as motivation is a central factor of any scheme of teaching (MORE)
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What is physical visual and audio feedback?

Physical, visual, and audio feedback are all forms of tactile feedback. Today feedback in these areas are ideal with many of the touch screen devices, such as touch screen sma (MORE)

Is a podcast only audio or is it also visual?

  Traditionally podcasts are only audio, however video podcasts (also known as vodcasts or sometimes vidcasts) are becoming more popular as well.
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What is audio visual integration?

Integration of audio and visual equipments. Example: Input sources  like DVD Players,CD Changers, Satellite receivers etc fed to an AV  Processor. AV processors may include (MORE)