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What is auditory meatus both?

A Meatus is a passageway or opening from the exterior to the interior of the body. The Auditory Meatus is the canal that runs from the outer ear into the cranium. External (MORE)

What does auditory learning styles mean?

It means that the learner learns more easily through auditory means. For example, an auditory learner would benefit from hearing a book read to them rather than reading it him (MORE)

What is auditory sensitivity?

    Ask the Expert Question Response     Topic: Sensory, Motor and Sensory Integration Issues     Auditory sensitivity:   ...."My 5 year old son (MORE)

What is the auditory nerve?

In the inner ear, "sound" is translated into electrical energy.  This electrical energy is transmitted to the brain via the  8th cranial nerve more commonly called the audit (MORE)
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If you're an auditory learner you should?

People who learn better through "hearing" should record lectures and listen to them again for more benefit. Reading text out loud to oneself also puts the information into the (MORE)
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What is the auditory neuropathy?

Auditory neuropathy is a hearing disorder in which sound enters the inner ear normally but the transmission of signals from the inner ear to the brain is impaired. It can affe (MORE)

What is an auditory canal?

The auditory canal is the hole in the middle of the outer ear that  leads to the tympanum, or ear drum.
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