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What is an auditory stimalation?

  Answer   Auditory stimulation is stimulation by sound. An example would be your reaction to someone sneaking up behind you and loudly clapping their hands. The s (MORE)

What is the auditory nerve?

In the inner ear, "sound" is translated into electrical energy.  This electrical energy is transmitted to the brain via the  8th cranial nerve more commonly called the audit (MORE)

Where is the auditory nerve?

Auditory or vestibulocochlear nerve goes to your ear. It exits the skull through internal acoustic meatus along with the facial nerve.
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Where is the auditory cortex?

  The primary auditory cortex, i.e. where the auditory signal first reach the cortex, is located on the Heshl's gyrus, on the supratemporal plane (the upper part of the te (MORE)
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Who is ezio auditorie?

he was a boy that is in history and is a part of a game
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What is auditory dyslexia?

what is auditory dyslexia. Many kinds of dyslexia, auditory dyslexics have problems hearing the differences between the sounds of letters or words. Some letter make almost t (MORE)

Can a hallucination be auditory?

Yes, it's common, especially after the death of someone close to you. You will likely have one or two instances of being certain you heard the person say or call your name - b (MORE)
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What is auditory media?

it another item of mass communication auditory media collection,presentation and distribution of information is in the form of sound which is audible