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Is this the correct spelling auf wiedersen for goodbye in German?

  "Goodbye" is "Auf Wiedersehen". ("OFF VEE-durr-say-hen")   (as "Until I see you again" : Bis ich Sie wieder sehe. )
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Where was auf wiedersehen pet filmed?

The "building site" used for most of the filming of Auf Wiedersehen Pet was a set created on the back-lot of the former ATV studios at Borehamwood (then owned by Central) and (MORE)

What was the name of the German male close harmony group of the 1930s whose title included the word 'Comedy -----' There were Jewish members and Hitler disbanded them. They sang 'Auf Wiedersehen'?

  Answer   They were called The Comedian Harmonists. Later they were forced to change their name to Das Meistersextett. The members were Harry Frommermann, Ari Lesch (MORE)

What does steht auf mean?

Steht auf from the verb aufstehen can, depending on context, be translated as: to get up to get out of bed to stand up also auf jemanden/etwas stehen to fancy someone (MORE)