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Was sheila reid the actress in auf wiedersehen pet the tv series?

  Yes. She played Bomber's wife Patsy. You only saw her a couple of times when their daughter ran away from Birmingham to see her dad at the Beko Building Site in Germany
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What does auf wiedersehen mean in English?

Auf Wiedersehen is the German phrase for goodbye. Other words similar to this which are used in more colloquial speech are Tschüss and Ciao. Literally translated, we see ho (MORE)

Lappland ist auf welchem Kontinent?

Lappland ist auf welchem Kontinent? translates as What continent is Lappland on? Lappland is on the European continent. Lappland ist auf dem europäischen Kontinent.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Auf Herz und Nieren - 2001?

The cast of Auf Herz und Nieren - 2001 includes: Gustav Adolph as Roy Renard and Carlos Gode Benedix as Pirok Katja Burkard as Nachrichtensprecherin Caprice Crawford as Modell (MORE)