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How did Anne Frank Get aught?

Somebody from the outside world suspected there were Jews hiding where Anne Frank was and they called the Gestapo. Anne thought it was the robbers who robbed the offices below (MORE)

What can you hunt with a 30 aught 06 rifle?

Anything on the face of the earth. It is a great caliber, handling bullet weights ranging from 55gr. to 250grs. The smaller weighted bullets are great for varmint hunting for (MORE)

Can you attach a generator to your sub panel and back feed your house main panel I have a 125 amp breaker in the main that feeds the sub through 2 aught wire?

Yes but it has to be a synchronous generator like the ones used onthe grid, and it has to be run up and phased before beingconnected. That is because all the generators on a g (MORE)