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What is the value of Winchester 38 caliber 40 Winchester 73 March 29 1866 August 16 1860 serial number 360728B Winchester repeating arm new haven con usa kings improvement patent?

Your Winchester Model 1873 of .38-40 caliber was manufactured in 1889.  Depending on the exact conditon, barrel type (rifle, musket, carbine) and lack or presence of special (MORE)
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What season is August in?

In the northern hemisphere it can be considered to be the end of  summer and start of autumn, while in the southern hemisphere it can  be considered to be the end of winter (MORE)
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What is the August gemstone?

Peridot, the birthstone of August, carries a lime  green color and is one of only a few gemstones that exists in  only one color.   Modern Birthstones: Peridot (kind of (MORE)

Who is Auguste Napier?

Auguste Napier is actually Augustus Y. Napier, who is also referred to as Gus Napier. The following biography comes from HarperCollins Publishers: Augustus Y. Napier was born (MORE)
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Where can you ski in August?

In north America- there are mountains in Canada, but the only in the US is Mt. Hood. There are plenty of glaciers in Europe to ski on also. And you can always go south of the (MORE)