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Was Augustus Caesar poor or rich?

Augustus was born to a simple family however once he inherited the total wealth of his uncle, Julius caesar he inherited the fortune the Roman dictator spent his whole lifetim (MORE)

How did Rome change under Augustus?

He built a permanent, professional army of about 150,000 men. He also created a special unit called the Praetorian Guard. His legions conquered vast stretches of northern E (MORE)

Why was Octavian given the title of Augustus?

The title of Augustus was given to Octavian as an honor to him by the Roman senate. It was a title of religious nature, rather than political. It was derived from the verb aug (MORE)

Who is Augustus Hagerson?

Augustus Hagerson was the one that made dodgeball popular and internationley known. He also tweked the game to make it what we know as modern Dodgeball. Dodgeball itself was i (MORE)

What did Augustus achieve?

He brought two hundred years of peace in Rome, famously known as  the "Pax Romana". Augustus personally turned the Roman Republic  into an Empire, which he would rule. Augus (MORE)

Why was Augustus famous?

Augustus was famous for his winning supreme power, his governmental change, his building, social reforms, his patronage of the arts, his military reforms, the establishment of (MORE)

Who was Romulus Augustus?

  Answer   He was the last Roman emperor of the Western Empire. At the time of his reign, the Roman Empire had split into an Eastern and Western empire. The Easter (MORE)