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What is the color of your aura?

purple mine is mostly red Answer You wouldn't know unless you had it tested. Black background with all lights out and ultra violet light. I took up auras and peoples aura (MORE)

How do you see auras?

By either strengthening your minds eye, and telepathy abilities. People do not usually see auras as though they are in the clear field of vision, but in their mind's eye. It's (MORE)

Is aura real?

"yes" Although it has not been proven its more of a belief, but almost 90% of the UK and USA believe in aura, Mine personally is red, i can sometimes read people like a book (MORE)

What does not have an aura?

all nonliving things have no aura. possessed things or things that are touched by an ethereal being or a spiritual being gives life to a thing. when it touches it produces a v (MORE)

How do you see the aura?

Practice this with your hand, roughly 30cms away from your face look just 1cm between your middle finger and the first finger and concentrate and use your peripheral vision to (MORE)

What is the study of aura?

According to spiritual healing everything is energy afcourse of different frequency's example matter at high frequency can transfer in sound then heat then light and then ...) (MORE)

Does the air have an aura?

It pretty much depends. . Not in the traditional sence, no. The air contains elemental energy that can be felt during meditation excercizes and the feel of the energy will c (MORE)
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What is body aura?

an Aura around your body not just your head and shoulders. allot of the time it happens with pregnant women
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Why is an Aura a mystery?

Because people have said they have seen a glow around a body when dead or alive. For an example, someone said they saw a glow around a bride in a wedding. people have been s (MORE)
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What meaing of aura?

It can mean an number of things, for example, an aroma. An atmosphere created by an association of words. A current of air caused by electrical discharge or a sensation that p (MORE)