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How do you control your aura?

Mostly by thought. You will your aura to change. You can suppress your aura, or make it grow, but its all done by will. thats basically right but you cant just think about yo (MORE)

What is the definition of aura?

new answer It is the expression of used energy. Everthing that exists emits an aura, even a rock or tree. A person with developed perception can see these eminations of used e (MORE)

What is a migraine aura?

Migraine aura is the second phase of a migraine headache, between the prodrome and actual headache phases. It has a wide array of physical symptoms, but is more commonly known (MORE)

Do cats have auras?

Yes, all living creatures have auras, even plants. Cats not only have auras, there is some belief that they can see them as well. That could explain why cats will sit and star (MORE)
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What is Diamond Aura?

A diamond aura is a (man made) synthetic diamond. It reproduces the look of a natural mined diamond. It involves the use of natural occurring minerals heated to a high heat of (MORE)

What is a persons aura?

A person's 'aura' is said to be a field of energy that surrounds people. Certain people/mediums claim that they can 'see' Aura's. Aura's are very popular in forms of healing i (MORE)
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What is the color of your aura?

purple mine is mostly red    You wouldn't know unless you had it tested. Black background with all lights out and ultra violet light. I took up auras and peoples auras c (MORE)

Do ghosts have aura?

  Human beings have aura, and you can see it. But, ghosts are said not to have aura, because they are not alive, but when you see aura and it is not from you or any other (MORE)

Is aura real?

"yes" Although it has not been proven its more of a belief, but almost 90% of the UK and USA believe in aura, Mine personally is red, i can sometimes read people like a book b (MORE)